Pricing of Open Dated Vouchers

To enable Open Dated Vouchers to work effectively across all Holiday Parks listed, a common price must be fixed despite the fact that Powered Site pricing will vary from property to property. To arrive at this common price is a complex issue involving such elements as the actual price imposed by the individual Holiday Parks involved, utilisation of each Holiday Park, seasonal utilisation and a number of other factors. 

The price reached from this calculation will mean that users of the Vouchers may find variations on what they have paid compared to what the Holiday Park they are staying at is actually charging for a Powered Site. This could be more or it could be less.  However, over the course of an average holiday staying at a variety of properties the price per night will average out.

Powered Site prices are adjusted from time to time due to the changing elements used to complete the calculation but the current prices used on the site are:  

Period of Travel                                              2 Adults                              Extra Adult                  Child (14 & under)                        

01 October 2017 to  30 September 2018   NZ$58.00                              NZ$29.00                            NZ$18.00        

01 October 2018 to  30 September 2019   NZ$60.00                              NZ$30.00                            NZ$18.00       

  • Infants under 1 years are Free.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time however once purchased the price will not change despite any subsequent increase.
  • All prices are per Voucher and valid for one night's stay including:
    -   A Powered Site for the vehicle and 2 persons.
    -   Goods & Services Tax [GST] of 15%.
    -   Use of all facilities offered by each individual Holiday Park [note there may be some
        additional charges for the use of some facilities such as coin operated showers and laundry.]